Reading Notes from the Staff Line is an OPTION, Not a Requirement.


Lessons are customized for each student. Quite often, players come to Mike wanting to sound more professional. He still lets the students choose the songs, but Mike picks from their songs the ones that he knows will progress them in the direction they want to go. At the same time, there are four very important parts to playing that he emphasizes most.

1) As the great Eric Johnson said, "To learn to play lead guitar, you should learn a thousand leads note for note. From each one you will gain a few ingredients for your own recipe."


2) It's not just which notes you play, it's also HOW you play them. Technique is the difference between average and great.


3) If you understand WHY you play what you play (or what the guitarist played on a recording), it opens vast new horizons for you. Theory is extremely important.


4) Beat is the single most important aspect of all music. If you can't play something "up to speed" then just slow it down. You will get faster with more familiarity, whether it's chords or lead, but you have GOT to keep the beat.

Intermediate and advanced students may need to purchase the book Chordmaster Chord Theory for Guitar, depending upon their knowledge of theory as it pertains to the guitar. The book is available at the studio at 50% off the retail price.


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