It is really time to review and rewire our thinking about learning piano. These clefs worked fine hundreds of years ago, before the black notes were added to the keyboard, before there were sharps and flats.


Since the existing clefs came from the Grand Staff, the bottom line of each clef is a different note. It is G on the bass clef and E on the treble clef.


FIVE more notes (the black notes) were eventually added but the clefs were not altered. Because of this, key signatures had to be devised.

But now, we are in the 21st Century and knowing that there are only twelve different notes (the seven lettered notes A-G and the five black notes), we can easily see that instead of five lines with a space above each (total of ten), the addition of just one more line, and the space above it, would let us be able to show all twelve notes on each clef.


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