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Chordmaster Chord Theory for Guitar takes you step by step through learning to understand chord titles, what they mean, and shows examples of how to make each chord two ways. Then you can apply this knowledge to make them even more ways.

Learn to understand chord titles so you can make chords without previous experience, without note reading, without memorizing chord pictures. Simply read the chord names you see in songs and tabs and play the songs.

Play songs on the piano in minutes. No experience needed. No reading notes on the staff line. Learn one hundred and twenty-six chords in no time at all. See HOW chords are made. It is easy and fun.

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The Android app ChordMaster P1 is a FREE Preview of the "ChordMaster for Beginner Piano Students" eBook, and more. This free app teaches you ALL the major chords on the piano without reading notes or memorizing pictures of each chord. While the singer sings, the piano plays chords. The piano does not play what the singer sings, as so many song books teach you. It is available at the Google Play store.

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